Thank you for your patience, because we have not been involved in legal affairs for several years and we needed many explanations to feel that we had succeeded in our will. You`ll find information on how the law handles superannuation sharing and how to organize splitting orders in the Superannuation section on this site. On the basis of this information, the Court of Justice should normally be able to determine whether the terms of the consent order are appropriate. However, there will be cases where the judge is not satisfied, in which case they may require the parties to come to court to explain why the order must be made. If the judge is still not satisfied that the order is appropriate, they may simply refuse the order. This means that the financial/real estate account is not final, so each party could make a (other) claim against the other. With regard to the issue of the right to privileges because of the supposedly untouched nature of at least a few negotiations, Lord Justice Thorpe indicated that negotiations could continue on one of three bases, namely without prejudice, Calderbank or openly. Although the judge indicated that, if the negotiations proceeded without prejudice, he would accept that they would be governed by a passage from Lord Griffiths` speech in Rush – Tompkins Limited/GLC [1989] AC 1280, which differed in a civil proceeding), he nevertheless found that there were no specific regulations that could be challenged in an alternative proceeding. The judge also found that an agreement was intended to free up the carte blanche and that the question of whether or not there had been controversy as to whether or not to reach that level must be accepted in determining the issue. Australia`s first authority for the opposability of heads of government is Masters v Cameron[3], where the High Court of Australia has determined the possible outcomes of a negotiated agreement: it is customary for an agreement to be reached before the last hearing. An agreement can be reached at any stage of the proceedings until the doors of the Tribunal. As soon as an agreement is reached, a draft compliant opinion must be drawn up as soon as possible, in which the terms agreed between the parties are recorded. The court reviewing the wife`s appeal ordered that the wife`s application to issue an order within the meaning of the agreement be considered as a preliminary issue with an estimate of the two-day time and that she give appropriate instructions for the filing of an affidavit and documents relevant to the issue of the case.