The purchase of commercial agreements should be used by anyone wishing to buy or sell a business. The agreement can help give details in the sale, including aspects of the transaction that are for sale (i.e. assets or shares). 4 that, where a competent court considers it necessary to reform the scope of Section 8 or part of it in order to make it binding and enforceable, that provision must be considered divisible in all respects and that a lesser scope than such a court deems appropriate is effective, binding and enforceable. 9. Representation and guarantee of the buyer. The buyer guarantees and assures the seller: (a) that the buyer`s valid and binding obligation under the contract is and that the buyer is able to conclude and complete the agreement; (b) that the purchaser must reach the conclusion of the necessary means to complete the transaction under this agreement; and (c) the buyer acknowledges that if the buyer violates or threatens to violate the buyer`s obligations and agreements in this section 9, the buyer`s actions may cause irreparable damage to the seller, which could not be properly compensated by damage. In the event of a violation or threat of an infringement by the purchaser, the seller is entitled to exercise rights of omission in addition to any other rights or recourse of the seller under this agreement or by any other means. 10. Representation and guarantee of the seller.

The seller guarantees and assures the buyer: (a) The seller has the full power and power to execute and execute the agreement and fulfill the obligations arising from this contract. This agreement, as concluded and signed by the seller, is duly authorized, executed and delivered, and a valid and binding agreement of the seller, who is a signatory, becomes enforceable according to its respective conditions and no other measure, authorization or consent is required by the seller, nor necessary for the seller, consents or consents of third parties, government or other persons , in order to make this Contract valid and binding and enforceable for the Seller in accordance with its respective terms, or to enable the Seller to execute this agreement and the transactions envisaged. (b) the seller`s customers. The attached client list is a complete and complete list of (c) seller, and at closing, the buyer, quality and marketable property of the client list, free and free of any right of pledge, of any right of guarantee, of leasing, fees, charges, shares, rights, conditional sales contracts, security interests, or other interests or other imperfections of the property of any kind in general.