ECPD supports the association with the necessary support of its professional and professional development and contributes to quality technical and technical cooperation with the EcPD International Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, based in Banja Luka (hereafter the ECPD faculty), as the founder of technical and technical cooperation. PARTIES are guided by mutual interests and commercial and technical cooperation, as defined in this agreement and under the terms set out in this agreement, is based on the search for better use of available capabilities, technical and technological achievements, and experience in the design and production of .2). In this regard, the PARTIES have defined the following objectives and objectives: taking into account the fundamental principles of the United Nations Peace University, ECPD, operational units, members and the various bodies of that organization, as well as the fundamental objectives and values promoted by these organizations, the contracting parties establish commercial cooperation with companies and the reciprocal rights and obligations as described here. , and arrange as follows: – greater participation in international business activities; The ECPD and the association are referred to as “party” or “parties” collectively. WFF, WTKF – World Fudokan Federation, World Traditional Karate Federation, represented by founder and president Prof. Dr. Ilija Jorga (hereafter the Federation), on the other side. At the end of education programs in the areas covered by Article 4 of this Agreement, the FACULTy of the ECPD and the Federation present the corresponding diplomas, honorary titles and honorary titles. Titles for diplomas and certificates must include, among other things, the ECPD logo and the ECPD faculty logo. ECPD authorizes the use of its logo for this purpose. The ECPD and the Federation, with the aim of realizing and realizing the appearance and content of diplomas and certificates, agree to conclude a specific set of rules that must be considered an integral part of this agreement.

. – Application of advanced technology in the mass production process, which will improve product quality; The Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement (`agreement`) is concluded on 10 February 2011 by and between the following parties: In order to achieve the objectives set out in Articles 2 and 3 of this agreement, the ECPD authorizes the organisation and management of special training programmes for coaches and training programmes for instructors and competition judges. , as well as the awarding of champion and rank titles in karate and martial arts. All companies involved in the agreement on the issue are jointly designated by the “parties.” Following, as _____zur performance of the obligations defined in this Agreement, which are composed of three members: the Dean of the Faculty ecpd, the President of the Federation and a representative of the ECPD whom he appointed. . With the agreement of the ECPD, the association sets prices and fees for the education and training programmes covered by Articles 4 and 5 of this agreement, as well as for the awarding of the corresponding licences, certificates and titles. The association transfers 20% of gross revenue from prices and royalties to ECPD. The parties systematically and gradually analyze and develop the activities of each specialized body of the karate and martial arts department of the ECPD, both at the bachelor`s and bachelor`s level.